Terminal Blocks

We offer a wide range of Terminal Blocks. The Category / Types are :

1. Screw Clamp Terminal Blocks
2. Spring Clamp Terminal Blocks
3. Melamine Terminal Blocks

A high torque clamping system on the Screw Clamp Terminal Blocks ensures safe. gas tight connections. While cold forged, roled threaded screws ensure highly reliable connections.

The end plate forms an integral part of All Terminal Blocks for 16 mm2 wires and above, their by completely closing the Terminal Blocks. This ensures safe isolation for power connections.

Same profile grounding terminals are clearly identified with a green-yellow housing. Their shape and thickoess is identical to the Feed Through Terminal Blocks.

In high current Terminal Blocks, an additional auxillary terminal can be connected. This enables an additional connection of upto 6mm2 wires.

Two level plus ground and Three level plus ground terminals facilitate single & three phase connections. These Terminal Blocks are an ideal choice for space saving applications.

Universal voltage rating of 6 - 60V & 110 - 240V is available on Fuse Terminal Blocks with offline indication. Both AC & DC circuits can be connected without any polarisation requirement.

CDS6U Terminal Block system is a versatile wire connection method for current transformer and power meters. A wide range of accessories eases the testing of connected instruments.

The CHV series High Voltage Terminal Blocks are suitable for upto 2000V applications enabled by the specially designed creepage and clearance distances.

Ideal for applications with limited space, these miniature blocks can be mounted on a special DIN 15 rail.