MIG Welding Machine

Model : HiArc M400i
Quality Welding engineering demands the best machine to get the work done reliably and error free. HiArc M400i provides pure welding power from state of the art, energy efficient MIG/MAG power source weighing only 36Kgs.

Technical Highlights of HiArc M400i

  • Inverter Based MIG/MAG Welding machine with robust construction to meet the high demands of the field. Very smooth and spatter less arc transfer gives you the best quality welding.
  • Provides about Low energy cost. 50% Power saving compared to other conventional Power Source
  • Digital display of Welding current and voltage both set and actual makes the job easier and precise. Large and Clear LCD display.
  • CO2 Heater Power Supply.
  • Crater Filling Function.
  • Wire Feed unit Parameter control.
  • Portable and Easy to handle, Suitable for site Application
  • Quality Welding even at 20 mtr Interconnection Cables
  • Heavy-duty fan for better cooling of power source & Electronic components.
  • The Cable mountings are made horizontally so that even by pulling it does not damage the connector end.
  • Cost of Important Components is very cost-economical - you shall compare with any other make Machines Our Spares Cost is very cost-economical.
  • Life Cycle of Our HiArc M400i Machine is More - Our Machines are completely Indigenous¬†¬† and designed to work effectively in Indian atmospheric Condition typically with 55 Dec Temp and 3 Shifts, Costal Area (Sea corrosion) and 365 days working.
  • To take care of poor quality power supply we have designed machine to take care of wide voltage range from 373V to 477V.
  • Over Temperature: Over temperature protection protects machine from abuse in the field.

MIG Welding Machines
(Item Code : Fast-MIG-Pulse-350-450)
MIG Welding Machines puts you in control. We don't just mean in welding terms, although MIG Welding Machines is particularly impressive here. MIG Welding Machines sets new standards for customer choice. The software architecture allows standard or tailored packages to suit your specific welding environment, so the commercial benefits are yours. Whatever your welding mission, MIG Welding Machines will deliver the technical and commercial solution that's right for you. Build the pulsed MIG/MAG machine you need. Air or water cooled packages combine with innovative distance wire feeding and remote control options to deliver outstanding welding performance. Kemppi's wise software products offer additional choice and solutions that match welding business in the real world, so you can be sure to cover your welding requirements now and far into the future.

MIG Welding Machines offers a variety of welding software choices. Choose either the standard materials package work pack offering a basic selection of stainless steel and aluminum welding curves in 1.0 mm and 1.2 mm filler wire sizes, or material specific packages for aluminum, steel or stainless steel applications. Integrated package options are also available including wise fusion the Auto arc length regulation solution for improved weld quality and welding speed in all positions. MIG Welding Machines offers the ultimate flexibility, suiting customers with very specific project requirements. With MIG Welding Machines you can select your own welding software profile from the data store which is Kemppi's online web store. Should your needs change, you can easily upgrade your machine software profile as needed.

  • Clear, simple control panel
  • Power and arc length control, memory channels lock, safety isolation, inductance, gas test, wire inch 2T/4T, Irot start crater fill and MMA and match log options
  • DuraTorque 4x4 wire drive mechanism ensures consistent wire speed and quality welds
  • Three-core control cable makes distance cable sets lightweight and easy to maintain
  • Increase welding performance and gun consumable life with optional fast cool units
  • Wise solution products keep you ahead of the game

Why buy:
  • Basic 1-MIG pulsed double-pulsed and MIG/MAG processes high quality welding performance wise arc solution compatible Menu language choice
  • Power cost efficient
  • Security code lock

  • Shipyards and offshore
  • Metal fabrication workshops
  • Chemical and process industry
  • Automotive manufacture Production welding

Fast MIG KM/KMS 400/500

FastMig KMS MIG/MAG machines pack huge duty cycle performance into compact lean dimensions and weight, increasing productivity and work site mobility. Precise arc performance suits environments where quality matters and 10% more power efficiency over conventional designs will please every user.

Power efficient KMS models combine with three MXF wire feed units suiting different work site conditions and 200mm and 300mm wire spools A choice of basic or synergic control panels offer large, clear meter displays and logical, useful functions that make welding easy in any situation. Synergic SFW controls panels simplify weld process control including selections for Fe, St/St, Al, CuSi, CuA\8 filler wires in a range of diameters.

  • Precise electronic control.
  • Quality welding performance.
  • Practical, modular design.
  • Low energy consumption.
  • Distance wire feeding options.
  • Practical and versatile functions.