Models : MMT25, PMT 25, MMT 32, PMT 42W, PMT 52W, MMT 52W
We are offering a wide range of MIG Welding Torches that are strong and efficient. Designed to suit specific filer wire materials and applications.


Models : TTK130, TTK160, TTK220, TTK300, TTK350, TTC130, TTC220, TTC250

We are offering a wide range of TIG Welding Torches just feel that little bit better in the hand for those quality welding tasks. These TIG torches suit a variety of equipment and are available from 4 to 16 meters in length.

The TTM range is equipped with manual gas valves to regulate the shielding gas flow, ensuring basic TIG welding tasks are easily completed. Use with MMA power sources for scratch and TouchArc TIG ignition.

The TTK range fits a wide Industrial TIG welding machines. Standard thread terminations easily connect for power, gas and water (model dependent) and every model is fitted with an ignition switch, cable and plug as standard.

Welding Helmets
Models: Beta 90/90A/90X

Better visibility, better protection.

Beta welding helmets provide excellent protection for welding and post weld cleaning and grinding processes. Equipped with either a standard glass filter or electronic arc sensitive lens, in fixed or variable filter shade specification.

All the Beta models feature the same lightweight shell that includes grinding impact rating. So whichever model you choose, you can be sure to enjoy the same safety protection.

Ancillary Products
Earthing & Welding Clamps

We are offering a wide range of Welding and Earthing Clamps that are strong, efficient durable. Designed to suit specific requirement welding jobs and applications.