Flash Back Arrestors

Flashback Arrestors

We are offering a wide array of Flash Back Arrestors a world class safety equipment which are available in various sizes and shapes. These products are widely demanded by the clients for their supreme performance and safety on the job. The products we offer are sourced from leading manufacturer who made them using latest technology and equipments. They provide world class safety on gas cutting that you can rely on with our reputation behind it.

Flash Back Arrestors are : a) For Regulator Ends and b) For Torch Ends c) For High Pressure Gas Manifold Systems

Our FBAs comes with Filter, Fire Protection Element and Flame Arrestors.

Filter - made from corrosion resistant.
Non-return Safety Valve inhibits reverse gas.
Flame Arrestors - Made from sintered stainless steel arrests flashbacks reliably.
Fire Protection element - It has a built in auto cut out which automatically shuts off the gas supply.

Our Flash Back Arrestors are recommended for Cutting, Heating and Brazing Torches, for Regulator End, Machine Cutting Torches and Gas Supply Lines/Manifold Systems.