Heating Torches

New Generation Multi Purpose Torch We are offering a wide range of New Generation Multi Purpose Torch (suitable for Heating, Welding, Brazing and Flame Starghtening) for all fuel gases.

  • New Monoblock Valve – For higher flow rate and precise adjustment.
  • Robust Construction – Valve housing of the handpiece is made of brass Corrosion free and durable.
  • High Gas Flow Rates – for Heavy Duty applications.
  • High Operational Safety – Injector Mixing Principle Backfire & Backflow resistant.
  • Balanced weight – Ergonomic design – for Higher productivity.

The Universal Needle Injector Brazing Torch. Suitable for Brazing, Heating and Welding for Acetylene / LPG Gases.

  • Operating Safety – High resistance to back fire.
  • Slim Design – Excellent torch handling.
  • Accurate Flame Control – By adjustable injector needle valve.
  • Light Weight – Total weight only 468gms.
  • Durable – Impact resistant plastic handle.


The High Performance Heating Torch for LPG/Propane Gas.

The New High Performance Heating and Brazing Torch AIRTHERM *FSH-P* continues the tradition of Messer gas brazing and heating equipment with the quality and reliability, which is synonymous with Messer.

The torch series AIRTHERM *FSH-P* for fuel gas propane//atmospheric air with a power and high stable flame even in most adverse conditions is a proven design incorporating the latest technical features necessary to meet the ever-changing applications and requirements for gas brazing and heating.
The Brazing and Heating Torch AIRTHERM *FSH-P* is the low cost, high quality, value alternative.